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Magmortar is a large, vaguely humanoid, red-and-yellow-striped Pokémon with an egg-shaped body. It has pink lips on its dark face. It has yellow, tubular arms with three small claws on each "hand". Its legs are small in proportion to its body with pink thighs, red feet, and black shackles around the ankles. It has one large flame on its head, as well as large flames on its shoulders and tail. Additionally, it has four pink spikes on its back.

When Magmortar prepares to shoot fire from its hands, the claws are capable of disappearing into its skin, forming something similar to a cannon. It blasts fireballs of over 3,600 °F (2,000 °C) burning foes to a crisp, though avoids this method when hunting prey. When firing, its body can turn into a whitish hue from the intense heat. Its arm starts melting when it fires a whole barrage. It lives in volcanic craters, with a single pair of male and female Magmortar occupying one.