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Avatars section of the item inventory

The Item Inventory is where a players' in game items are stored. The Item Inventory has sub-folders that group alike items, to make navigation easier, similar to the "Bag" in the official Pokémon game series where sub-folders would be the same as the "Pockets". In each sub-folder is a preset list of all items available in Pokémon Vortex, and possible purchase/obtain options where available, an option to sell eligible items on PokéBay and a short description of each item provided in a hover tooltip.

Next to each item is the quantity of said item that the player owns. Quantity is expressed by two numbers; a player can have as few as zero (0/255) of an item or as many as two hundred fifty-five (255/255). Some items will only allow a maximum of 1 to be carries, these are typically items obtained from an event. (Avatars and Promo Codes have no storage limitation)

Sub-folders in order are:

All items obtained by the player will be automatically sorted. The Inventory cannot be rearranged manually.

Inventory FAQ[edit]

Q - Are all available items listed in the inventory?

A - Yes. Only the avatar section doesn't give a complete list due to how many are available so it will only show what you have rather than how many of everything you currently have.

Q - What happens to a promo code when I pack it up?

A - Packing up a promo code is preparing it for sale on PokéBay. When a code is packed then the code it once was that you could see and redeem is gone. This is done to protect the code from being used while it is for sale.

Q - Are all items won and purchased automatically added to my inventory?

A - Yes. Anything you buy from the Pokémart, PokéBay, win from Sidequests or redeem from a promo code are automatically added to your inventory.

Q - Are promo codes won on Discord added to the inventory?

A - No. Due to how Discord works, we don't always know who owns what account so anything won on there will not be credited to your inventory. Instead, it is your duty to make a note of and use the promo code when you want.

Q - Is there a limit of how many promo codes and avatars my inventory can store?

A - No. Your inventory can store an unlimited amount of promo codes and avatars.

Q - Is a promo code still visible in my inventory when it expires?

A - No. All promo codes, when expired, will disappear from the inventory of whoever currently owns it.

Q - Why do some items only have PokéBay or nothing as a purchase/sale option?

A - This means that item is not available for purchase through the Pokémart or are not available for purchase at all. These items are typically special items obtained through events or other special means.