Rotom (Pokedex) Event

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Rotom Pokedex Event.png

Rotom (Pokedex) Event was a Special Event in Pokémon Vortex. This event was held during the month of August, 2016. The event details were released on the 12th of August, 2016, along with the event itself. The event ended on the 15th of August, 2016.

Map 26 as on 12th August 2016

Head over to the throwback electric map. This map used an active map in Version 1 on Pokémon Vortex. The event said there was a HIGHLY RARE chance to encounter Rotom (Pokedex) in all 6 of its types. These Rotom (Pokedex) were spread out among other Pokemon spread out in the abandoned. Also, for the player to encounter Rotom (Pokedex), they were required to meet the requirements of encountering legendary Pokémon. The requirements to catch legendary Pokemon are completing all of the gyms, elite 4, champions, battle frontiers, and the battle Maison.

Pokémon obtainable from this event[edit]

Rotom (Pokedex)
Shiny Rotom (Pokedex)
Dark Rotom (Pokedex)
Mystic Rotom (Pokedex)
Metallic Rotom (Pokedex)
Shadow Rotom (Pokedex)