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Super Secret Event[edit]

Super Secret Event is a Special Event in Pokémon Vortex which was held in the month of March 2016. The details of the event was not released at once and only hints were revealed on certain special days hence the naming. It was initially planned for the month of January but it could not happen due to the unfortunate Database wipe-out. Players were able to evolve their Spewpas to Vivillon (Pokeball) or Vivillon (Fancy) on 25th March 2016 shortly after Wonder Trade was introduced.

Event Center on 25th March 2016

Vivillon (Fancy) & Vivillon (Pokeball) Event FAQ[edit]

Q - What is this event about?
A - In this event, everyone will need to work together in order to get Vivillon (Pokeball) and Vivillon (Fancy). You must meet the needed requirement of trades completed for each Vivillon to evolve your Spewpa into the needed Vivillon.

Q - I completed 100 trades and got Vivillon (Pokeball) but cannot get the others, why is that?
A - Each Vivillon has a set requirement of trades completed needed. Feel free to check forums or chat for more information.

Q - I offered on 50 trades but it says my contributions is still 0, is this incorrect?
A - No, for you to earn a contribution, you must have completed the trade, in other words, be the one to accept the trade offer.

Q - What is this Wonder Trade I've heard of and how does it help me?
A - Wonder Trade is a brand new feature on Vortex, you put a Pokemon in Wonder Trade and it will randomly trade it will another player waiting to trade, the best part, both users are awarded for the trade contribution instead of just one.

Q - Can I still get the two Vivillon's when the event is over?
A - Sorry but no, just like any other event, you must get it now, afterwards you'll either need to trade for them or wait for the event to make another appearance in the future.

Q - I got my Scatterbug from another user, can I still claim the event prize?
A - Yes, you don't need to be the Original Trainer to claim the Vivillon's.

Q - I have a Shiny Scatterbug, if I evolve it, can I get a different Vivillon type?
A - No, each type corresponds with each Vivillon. Shiny evolves into Shiny, Dark into Dark, etc.

Q - I have 1,000 trades completed but cannot get my Vivillon, why is that?
A - Like stated before, this is a team effort, check your Dashboard to see if the global goal has been met.

Q - We hit past 100,000 trades completed, does that mean I missed out?
A - Nope. You can still earn your Vivillon's, just make sure you have your personal milestone met. Personal milestone is what you need, global is what the group effort needs. It all comes together as a team. So get to trading!

Hints Given Out[edit]

There were some hints posted the game's forums before the event.

The Super Secret Trade Counter

14th January 2016:
A counter has appeared on the dashboard. What is it counting? Why is it counting? What is its limit? What happens when it is reached?
All valid questions with answers yet to be determined, what we will tell you is it is a community mission. The number displays the same for everyone. As the game is generally played, you will notice it increasing.

15th January 2016:
The confusion, theories and speculations about the counter have left people scratching their heads.
Some people managed to correctly work out how to make the counter move, others refused to believe it. So what was it, you ask? It is going up for every completed trade. Well done to those of you who worked it out before it was announced.
Now, yes there are 7 digits, do not be put off by this feeling as though you have to get it to 9,999,999 or anything ridiculous. There are certain milestones to be met in order to trigger certain parts of the event - But more on that later. Want to know what Pokémon will be obtained through this event? More on that later. Looking for an easier way to trade? More on that later.

16th January 2016:
The biggest questions thus far of this event is what Pokémon will people be able to obtain through it. WELL, that's not today's hint, sorry.

Today is all about telling you what the milestones are that need to be reached and announce there is a new way to trade on it's way that will help you reach them a lot quicker - Providing you work together. After all, this is a community thing, this is not the time to fly solo.

Here are the milestones that need to be met to trigger certain parts of the event:

  • 10,000 Trades - ???
  • 20,000 Trades - ???
  • 30,000 Trades - ???
  • 40,000 Trades - ???
  • 50,000 Trades - ???
  • 60,000 Trades - ???
  • 100,000 Trades - ???
  • 200,000 Trades - ???
  • 300,000 Trades - ???
  • 400,000 Trades - ???
  • 500,000 Trades - ???
  • 1,000,000 Trades - ???

With that said, you're half way to the first milestone without the new trade method so that's great. I didn't expect it to go that high just yet. Well done to the rapid traders of the community.

18th January 2016:
Sorry about the time delay on update 4 but here it is - Probably what you have all `really` wanted to know, that's the Pokémon you may be able to win from this event. Well, it's not that simple, there are two, so here's one of them: VIVILLON (POKEBALL)!

Vivillon (Pokeball)

How do you get it? You ask. The event details themselves will be announced once it is released. For now you all just worry about getting those trades up.

9th March 2016:
As you may have noticed, the trade counter also displays how many trades you, yourself have completed. This is because you will need a certain amount for each milestone in order to be able to take part in the next milestone and get that specific Pokémon. Here are your personal milestones and the Pokémon you can obtain by hitting them:

  • 100 Trades - Vivillon (Pokeball)
  • 200 Trades - Dark Vivillon (Pokeball)
  • 300 Trades - Mystic Vivillon (Pokeball)
  • 400 Trades - Metallic Vivillon (Pokeball)
  • 500 Trades - Shadow Vivillon (Pokeball)
  • 600 Trades - Shiny Vivillon (Pokeball)
  • 700 Trades - Vivillon (Fancy)
  • 800 Trades - Dark Vivillon (Fancy)
  • 900 Trades - Mystic Vivillon (Fancy)
  • 1000 Trades - Metallic Vivillon (Fancy)
  • 1,100 Trades - Shadow Vivillon (Fancy)
  • 1,200 Trades - Shiny Vivillon (Fancy)

25th March 2016:
The final part of the Super Secret Event is now available where you can evolve your Spewpa's into the two previously unreleased Vivillon forms, Vivillon (Pokeball) and Vivillon (Fancy) .

You can do this in the event center providing you AND the community have enough trades to meet their milestones.

You do not need an event ticket to unlock the event center, just press unlock and it will open without a ticket.

Enjoy everyone, and keep working on those trades together.

30th March 2016:
The personal and community milestones have been adjusted.

Now to obtain the last two Vivillon (Fancy) forms, you will only have to meet two personal milestones, regardless of community milestones.

The two new personal milestones are as follows:

  • 1,200 Trades - Shadow Vivillon (Fancy)
  • 2,000 Trades - Shiny Vivillon (Fancy)

All milestones below these are unaffected and remain the same. Obviously, on the side of this you will still need to have the correct type of Spewpa to evolve into the Vivillon Form.

Event ends tomorrow, as previously planned. Hopefully this change will help the people who originally helped tremendously with getting the community trades where they are now so well done to those people.

Wonder Trade[edit]

Main Article: Wonder Trade
A New Feature was announced on 9th March 2016 along with 5th Hint.

Wonder Trade was introduced saying :
Now I know what you're thinking. "1,200 trades? No thanks" Well it's not actually that hard because tomorrow we will be introducing Wonder Trade - A fun and less tasking way you trade where you can trade your unwanted Pokémon with a random person who is also trading an unwanted Pokémon. Didn't get something you want? Throw it into Wonder Trade again. And you can keep doing this over and over until you either get something you want or you run out of Pokémon to Wonder Trade.By using Wonder Trade efficiently, you will be able to reach your personal milestones AND help the community reach the global milestones in no time.

The recorded Wonder Trades done in it's first hour was over 10,700 Trades.

Pokémon obtainable from this event[edit]

Vivillon (Pokeball)
Vivillon (Pokeball)
Dark Vivillon (Pokeball)
Dark Vivillon (Pokeball)
Mystic Vivillon (Pokeball)
Mystic Vivillon (Pokeball)
Metallic Vivillon (Pokeball)
Metallic Vivillon (Pokeball)
Shadow Vivillon (Pokeball)
Shadow Vivillon (Pokeball)
Shiny Vivillon (Pokeball)
Shiny Vivillon (Pokeball)
Vivillon (Fancy)
Vivillon (Fancy)
Dark Vivillon (Fancy)
Dark Vivillon (Fancy)
Mystic Vivillon (Fancy)
Mystic Vivillon (Fancy)
Metallic Vivillon (Fancy)
Metallic Vivillon (Fancy)
Shadow Vivillon (Fancy)
Shadow Vivillon (Fancy)
Shiny Vivillon (Fancy)
Shiny Vivillon (Fancy)

Super Secret Giveaway[edit]

The Giveaway held on forums.

With the lead up to the next event, a giveaway was hosted for the forum users where there will be a total of FIVE winners, all winning something different. The Winners were chosen on 6th April 2016.