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Numbering in Pokedex[edit]

My idea is that Pokedex loops from numbers 001 to 721 and then 6 Pokemon with ??? (Caterpie Christmas, Darkrown, 3 Dratini forms and Missingno.) and then goes from 001. Example Behind Bulbasaur (001) is Missigno. (???).

Mega Evolutions are numbered with Number of Pokemon and capital letter M next to it (003M for Mega Venusaur).

Same goes for forms (493Ice for Arceus Ice).

Do you guys agree with this?


I'm not 100% sure what you mean here. Are you talking about the Pokedex reel going on the top of each Pokémon's unique page? - /wiki/Bulbasaur for example? If so, I agree, this is what I had in mind. There are more than 6 for the end of the Pokédex though, you forgot Pikachu (Christmas) and Rotom (Halloween). I'd like to have all fakes at the end of the Pokédex so anyone looking for them can have them clumped together and can scroll through with ease.


Yes that is what I meant. I used Ctrl+F in ingame Pokedex and only 6 Pokemon with ??? showed up. Then Mewtwo (Armor) should also be at the end of Pokedex and maybe Arceus (Unknown).


Right. Yeah I did that so the Pokédex wasn't filled with numberless Pokémon. Generally I add the fake forms with the same number as their originating Pokémon. but then again, it does make sense done the other way. There will be a loss of order if we have every Arceus form next to each other then Arceus (Unknown) 300 Pokémon away in the Pokédex. It'll be about as organized as Victini being at the beginning of a region Pokédex... Thanks, Gamefreak.

So yeah, I would say put even fake forms with their originating Pokémon. So Pikachu (Christmas) will go with Pikachu and the other cosplay forms. Dratinire and the likes will be before Bulbasaur and after Volcanion. I'd also like to take this moment to point out that is anyone feels the obsessive need to make a Aerodactyl (Fossil) page or Kabutops (Fossil) page - Do not add the Pokedex reel to the top of their pages. I haven't yet decided if I'm adding them back to the game.