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Arceus Exchange v1 Header Front.png

Arceus Exchange v1 is a Special Event in Pokémon Vortex which was held in the month of June 2016. The Event details were released on 28th June along with the event itself. The event ended on 10th July 2016.

Event Center as on 28th June 2016

During this special event, players were required to battle their way through the sidequests up until the Sinnoh. Once players had completed the battles, they had the option of exchanging all of their Sidequest ribbons and progress for a Splash plate. Players could then use this Splash Plate to transform any variant of Arceus into an Arceus (Water). Players can change the form of any variant of Arceus such as Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic and Shadow. Each Splash Plate only had only one use, so players were advised to pick carefully. It was possible to obtain more splash plates, but, players had to re-do the sidequests through the Sinnoh region to exchange the Ribbons for a Splash plate.

Sinnohsidequests.gif Arrowright.gif Splash Plate

Exchange your Sinnoh Sidequests ribbon for one Splash plate.

Pokémon obtainable from this event[edit]

Arceus (Water)
Shiny Arceus (Water)
Dark Arceus (Water)
Mystic Arceus (Water)
Metallic Arceus (Water)
Shadow Arceus (Water)