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Arceus Exchange v2 is a Special Event in Pokémon Vortex which was held in the month of September 2016. The Event details were released on 14th September and began on 16th September. The event ended on 29th September 2016.

For this special event, you must complete the sidequests all the way up to the end of Sinnoh, once you have done this, you will have the option to exchange all of your Sidequest ribbons and progress for a Zap plate. Use this Zap Plate to transform your regular Arceus into an Arceus (Electric). You can change the form of any variant of your Arceus such as Normal, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic and Shadow. Each Zap Plate only has one use, so use it sparingly - To get another, you must complete Sidequests right back to the end of Sinnoh again to exchange the Ribbons for a Zap plate.

Sinnohsidequests.gif Arrowright.gif Zap Plate

Exchange your Sinnoh Sidequests ribbon for one Zap plate.

Arceus Exchange v2 Event FAQ[edit]

Q - I just caught an Arceus but it's not in my list of Pokémon here in the event center. Why?
A - If you have put it in your team, you must remove it to change its form. You can only change the form of Pokemon that are currently in your storage.

Q - When I change the form of my Arceus, will I have the new form and my original Arceus?
A - No, you will lost the original Arceus you changed the form of. To get another form, you need another regular Arceus.

Q - Can I do more than one form change?
A - Yes. You can continue to change the form of your Arceus as long as you keep obtaining Zap Plates and catching Arceus'.

Q - Do I need to exchange my sidequest ribbons for each form change I want to do?
A - Yes, the Zap Plate is a one-time use item and must be re-obtained by exchanging the Sidequest ribbons again.

Q - When I exchange my sidequest ribbons for a Zap Plate, will my Sidequest progress reset?
A - Yes. Your sidequest progress will be reset back to battle 1 in Kanto.

Q - Will my Arceus lose it's stats?
A - No, the only thing that changes is it's form and the Pokeball it is in. The Arceus will be transferred to a Cherish Ball. All other remaining stats such as experience and level will remain the same.

Q - Do I need to be the Original Trainer of the Arceus?
A - No.

Pokémon obtainable from this event[edit]

Arceus (Electric)
Shiny Arceus (Electric)
Dark Arceus (Electric)
Mystic Arceus (Electric)
Metallic Arceus (Electric)
Shadow Arceus (Electric)