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An area on the Internet or other computer network where users can communicate, typically one dedicated to a particular topic. This page covers details about the Pokémon Vortex Discord Chatroom.

Pokémon Vortex Chatroom

Pokémon Vortex Discord Chatroom

Pokémon Vortex Discord Chatroom

Pokémon Vortex has its own Discord Chatroom which is a place where you can interact with other players, talk about the game, ask questions and trade all via Text and Voice Chat.

The Chatroom can be found at: Pokémon Vortex Discord Chatroom

The Discord App for PC can be downloaded from here, for Android Phones it can be downloaded from Google Play Store. iPhone users can download the same from Apple Store.



This is an English language website with English speaking mods, so we ask that you please speak in English.


Do not insult other members, treat people with respect and you will receive respect.


This website is meant for all ages, keep your mouths clean while visiting please.


Please do not spam the chat. This includes inflated punctuation, excessive use of the same letters, gibberish, etc.


Please do not use excessive caps, it is not necessary.


You are allowed to post 4 lines of text per 6 seconds, please do not exceed this limit.


Please do not post links unless the URL is of our own or if the website is in our whitelist.


Again this is a website meant for all ages, so please do not discuss unpleasant matters in the chat. This includes sexual discussions, gore, etc.


When using punctuation, please limit yourself to one or two of the same punctuation. Something like "!!!??!?!..", or anything similar isn't acceptable and is related to spam.


Don't pose as a channel operator, or one of Pokemon Vortex staff. Doing this will result in a ban in addition to a kick.


Don't try to share glitches, or talk about them, it will only get you banned. Severe cases may lead to a permanent ban from all of our channels.


Pokemon Vortex is for general discussion only, please trade in #trades. Repeated offenses against this rules will result in a ban.