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This article is about a previous version of VortexBot and may not be accurate, relevant or applicable any more.

Who's That Pokémon? is a minigame found on the Pokémon Vortex Discord server.

Who's That Pokémon Logo

The #quiz channel is where the Who's That Pokémon? game takes place. VortexBot will announce in the #general channel when the game is about to begin, it starts every hour, on the hour (GMT). Each round, VortexBot shows a silhouette of a Pokémon. The aim is for the player to be one of the first to guess the Pokémon correctly before the time is up. Every correct answer will earn you a ticket for a prize draw at the end of the quiz. The quiz lasts for 10 rounds. Once the quiz is over, a random ticket is selected, and the person holding that ticket will win a promo code for the Cosmog that was announced at the start of the quiz.

How To Play/Rules

  • The quiz will run for 10 rounds.
  • The first person/people to correctly answer a question will win a ticket.
  • You'll need to be quick! The round ends seconds after the first correct answer is given.
  • There are times during the quiz when you'll be unable to type. This gives everyone a chance to see the question before the chat is flooded with answers.
  • After 10 rounds, a winning ticket will be drawn at random. The player holding the winning ticket number will win a prize.
Who's that Pokémon?
It's Darkrown!


Why couldn't I type during the quiz?
- There are some times during the quiz when nobody can talk. This is normal. It's likely that you're typing too soon or too late. Look at the Discord chat box to see when you are allowed to type.

ClydeBot said my message couldn't be delivered. Am I blocked?
- No. It just means that you were too slow to send your message. The channel was silenced before your message reached Discord.

How long will this event run for?
- This is not an event, it is a permanent feature of Pokémon Vortex.

Pokémon obtainable from the quiz

Normal Shiny Dark Mystic Metallic Shadow
Cosmog Shiny Cosmog Dark Cosmog Mystic Cosmog Metallic Cosmog Shadow Cosmog