Dusty Bowl

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Dusty Bowl is a particular part of the sidequests that allow you to evolve certain Pokémon.

Runerigus can only be acquired by evolving Yamask (Galarian) during these parts of the sidequests.

Sidequest Points[edit]

Battle # Trainer/Location Team
1919 ???
Dusty Bowl
Dark SudowoodoShiny SandacondaDark GigalithMystic MudsdaleMetallic ClaydolSudowoodo
1920 ???
Dusty Bowl
Mystic TyranitarDark ShuckleShiny SigilyphMetallic PiloswineBronzongShiny Kommo-o
1921 ???
Dusty Bowl
RunerigusMystic RunerigusDark RunerigusMystic RunerigusShiny RunerigusMystic Runerigus


The following Pokémon evolve at Dusty Bowl in sidequests:

Pre-Evolution Evolved Form
Yamask (Galarian)
Yamask (Galarian)